An Inconvenient Truth House Parties -- Saturday, Dec. 16

This Saturday evening, Treehuggers around the US will be gathering for in-home showings of the climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth. While we're guessing that most of you have seen the film at least once (and may have even bought the DVD), this is a great opportunity to grab a friend who's on the fence about the climate crisis, and get them to see it, too. and are sponsoring the event, and organizations ranging from the Sierra Club to the League of Conservation Voters to the Rainforest Action Network to Working Assets are helping with getting the word out.

It's not to late to RSVP for a house party: MoveOn has created a page where you can find one near you. Sign up, go (preferably with that doubting friend), and let us know about the party you attended. ::ecorazzi