An Inconvenient Truth: Carbon Neutral, Profits Going to Educational Campaign


An Inconvenient Truth is, according to this post on the official website's blog, the first carbon-neutral documentary. "Paramount Classics, Participant Productions, and NativeEnergy have joined forces to offset 100% of the carbon dioxide emissions from air and ground transportation and hotels for production and promotional activities associated with the documentary." Al Gore has also mentioned in numerous interviews that he has made his life carbon-neutral, and now he's announcing that "100 percent of the profits from the book and the movie [will go] to a new bipartisan educational campaign to further spread the message about global warming." That's in addition to forming a thousand people to give his slide presentation around the world. We're curious to see what the movie's critics will think of next... They certainly haven't successfully attacked the science thus far and now they're losing some fuel for their "attack the messenger instead of the message" campaign.

On a more personal note, I finally had a chance to see the film (it came out in Ottawa last Thursday) and it is excellent. I highly recommend it to all treehuggers and especially their less eco-consciouss friends and family.