An Ice Artist's Poignant Plea to Halt Global Warming

melting ice sculptures Berlin Nele Azevedo WWF photo

Melting ice people in Berlin. Photo via Wend Blog.

Despite all the scientific and anecdotal evidence, some people still manage to be skeptical, unaware, or just plain unconcerned about global warming and its effect on both people and planet. For those on whom facts and figures haven't worked, the World Wildlife Fund must have thought, a beautiful and haunting piece of art just might.Ice Sculptures in Berlin
Last month, the environmental organization installed 1,000 miniature "ice people" sculptures by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo on the steps of a public square in Berlin at high noon. The day was warm, around 73 degrees Fahrenheit, and the little figures melted quickly, bowing forward and slumping into each other before they disappeared into puddles of water.

"Reminiscent of our currently melting polar ice caps, the result was a stunning visual reminding people of the fragility of humankind in the face of nature," wrote the folks over the Wend Blog, who tipped us off to the event.

New Arctic Warming Report
WWF arranged the installation to draw attention to its new report, Arctic Climate Feedbacks: Global Implications, which shows that the effects of Arctic warming will likely be be more severe than previously anticipated, leading to "flooding affecting one quarter of the world's population, substantial increases in greenhouse gas emissions from massive carbon pools, and extreme global weather changes."

The organization has joined with other NGOs to produce a model climate treaty for the upcoming Copenhagen negotiations that would achieve the kind of emissions cuts needed to minimize the risk of such a scenario--and keep the ice caps from going the way of Azevedo's sculptures.

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