An Anthem for the Movement: Proper Education

Musician Eric Prydz's last video of an aerobics class was so sexy that Tony Blair fell off his rowing machine. His latest won't get as many hits on Youtube, but Proper Education may become the anthem for the environmental movement. It is a remix (with permission) of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, and shows school kids breaking into a London housing complex- to change lightbulbs to CFCs, put bricks in toilets and turn appliances off stand-by. Prydz says "'Pink Floyd would always use their videos to get a message across and I really wanted to carry on this spirit.I'd been reading so much in the press about climate change and global warming recently and felt it would be great to try and empower people to do something about it." Not only that, but the CD will be carbon neutral: it was calculated that 58.4 tons of carbon needed to be offset to cover the 40,000 CDs, and the emissions "created through the entire process of making the CD will be offset through the Te Apiti wind farm project on the north side of the Manawatu Gorge on North Island, New Zealand." Watch it at ::Metro and read at ::Metro and ::Independent