Amy Winehouse Could Open Sustainable Dance Club in Rotterdam


Photo courtesy V. Gable on flickr

British tabloids are abuzz with news that Amy Winehouse has been invited to open a new Rotterdam dance club in September for the tidy sum of 350,000 British pounds (about $700,000).

The club, to be called Watt, is trying for a green remodel of a big, old Rotterdam dance and band venue called Nighttown. The backers of Watt have been pretty reticent about the exact details of how sustainable their dance club will actually be - instead letting the media rumors run rampant, but they have promised on the web site an energy-absorbing dance floor that will use the heat and motion of the gyrating masses to power LED lights, that the club's toilets will use rainwater for flushing, and that the different bars in the 2,000-capacity club will strive for zero waste. Watt owner Aryan Tieleman has said that Winehouse opening the club on September 4 is all but sure, though Winehouse has a bit of a history of gig no-shows. Thanks to tipster Ingeborg van Lieshout.

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