Amory Lovins Named One of America's Best Leaders by US News & World Report

Video clip: Amory Lovins on climate change, geoengineering and unintended environmental consequences.

In case you’re not a regular US News & World Report reader, we’d like to point out that Amory Lovins, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute (which is a guest contributor to TreeHugger) has been just listed as one of America's Best Leaders for his work at RMI promoting energy efficiency, and more efficient use of natural resources in general.

In describing Lovins’ work, US News had this to sayFounder of World Renowned ‘Think and Do Tank’

To many Americans, energy efficiency is still a somewhat hazy goal. Even the most green-conscious politicians prefer to talk about ways of harnessing new sources of energy—whether offshore oil or wind or solar—than about how to better use existing supplies. Among the media, "almost all of the consideration is to supply," not conservation, says Lovins.

Because of recent concerns about shrinking oil supplies and volatile energy prices, Lovins, 61, is attracting new praise. But his basic approach is an old one. Twenty-six years ago, he founded RMI, a nonpartisan consulting outfit that calls itself a "think and do tank"—one part idea factory, one part laboratory. Since then, Lovins and his staff, which has grown to nearly 100 people, have worked with more than 80 Fortune 500 companies, from Chevron to Texas Instruments, as well as state governments and the U.S. military. He also has written 29 books, including 2004's Winning the Oil Endgame.


His supporters span the political spectrum. There are the usual environmentalists, of course, like ones overheard at a recent RMI conference comparing how many miles per gallon their Priuses get. But he also draws praise from business leaders and military officials concerned about profits and national security. At one talk in Denver, Lovins was joined by Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper, a liberal alternative-energy advocate, and by former CIA Director James Woolsey, who advised John McCain's presidential campaign on energy.

In addition to Lovins, the following people were honored: Lance Armstrong, David Baltimore, Regina Benjamin, Jeff Bezos, Terence Blanchard and Herbie Hancock (jointly), Benjamin Carson, Manny Diaz, Marian Wright Edelmen, Anthony Fauci, Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin (jointly), Robert Gates, Fiona Harrison and Maria Zuber (jointly), Freeman Hrabowski, Anne Mulcahy, Indra Nooyi, Linda Rottenberg, Jeffrey Sachs, Steven Spielberg, US Junior Officers (as group).

Read more about them at US News & World Report.

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