Amoeba Music: Record Store Gets Greener


We've been thinking a lot about music lately, between making a list of green musicians, voting on your favorite ones and highlighting some of the green bands' green tours, so we were happen to learn more about Amoeba Music courtesy of TreeHugger Siel writing over at WorldChanging. The California record store (with locations in Hollywood, San Francisco and Berkeley) recently introduced "The Big Green Box" at its Hollywood location, encouraging customers to bring in their old electronics and gadgets for recycling instead of a trip to the landfill. In addition to contextualizing recycling for LA's hipsters and shoe-gazers alike, Amoeba is further stepping up its green efforts. They've published a "Think Green" section on their website, featuring ten steps for a greener tomorrow which include some usual suspects like "drive less," "recycle more," "check your tires" and "change a lightbulb." To make that last step easier, they sell CFLs alongside their rows and rows of music, which includes used CDs, LPs and DVDs that it buys and resells, not only making for a smaller ecological impact but also providing a great source for out-of-print and hard to find music; when you're done buying, they'll even put your new music in a biodegradable plastic bag (which is coming to both Bay Area stores soon). It's not often that "record store" and "going green" are used in the same sentence, so it's great to see Amoeba bringing reducing, reusing and recycling to California's music scene. ::Amoeba Music via ::WorldChanging

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