Amex Members Projects Voting Closes in Six Days

Children's Safe Drinking Water, AMEX Members Projects winner 2007 photo

American Express has set precedents with the social responsibility marketing angle before, with their Amex Red Card. Now for the second year, Amex sponsors a competition for Amex card holders to submit a project they would like to realize to make the world a better place. The submittals are in and voting is open to nominate projects to receive $2.5 million in funding. The top selection will receive $1.5 million, leaving $500,000 for second, $300,000 for third and two $100,000 awards. The project pictured above, Children's Safe Drinking Water, won the first prize in 2007. 1190 projects have been submitted in five categories:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Environment & Wildlife
  • Health.

Tipster Damiaan has specifically asked for attention for his project Carbon Recycling. And Green Greenie attempted to spur interest in his or her submittals in the TreeHugger Forums, as well as encouraging others to participate.

Consumption philanthropy may be inimical to the "reduce, reuse" philosophy embraced by many TreeHuggers. But in the modern economy you have to spend money. And if some of that money gets funneled into projects that benefit the environment and the people who depend on it, it can't be a bad thing. Take some time to put your vote in, or just to peruse the projects for ideas and inspirations.

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