Amex Cardholders, Time To Vote on the Finalists at Members Project

eve blossom lulan photo

Eve Blossom of Lulan

We asked you once already to Vote for Architecture for Humanity and Lulan at Amex Members Project. It is a great project, run by Eve Blossom, where "we currently support over 650 weavers,spinners,dyers and finishers using a holistic approach to produce eco-fabrics in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and India. Our goal is to increase the number of artisans to over 6,000, thus expanding our reach to more weaving families and communities."

Now we learn that enough of you did vote for Architecture for Humanity's submission got into the top 25, with a good chance of being one of the 5 that gets funding. It's time for the vote-off.

But there is a catch- first time around anyone could vote; the final round is only open to cardholders. I don't know how many TreeHuggers carry American Express cards, but if you do, go to membersproject to vote. If you don't but know anyone who does, get them to vote. That prize money will be put to very good use.

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