Most Americans Agree: Conserving Nature is Patriotic

At a time when national sentiments and political partisanship have us feeling so deeply divided, it often seems that there's nary an issue that most Americans can agree upon. But thankfully, there is still a bit of common ground left to come by.

According to a recent poll conducted by the Nature Conservancy, over 80 percent of Americans, regardless of political orientation, believe that respecting nature isn't just a nicety -- it's at the core of what it means to be a good and dutiful citizen.

“From Tea Party Republicans to liberal Democrats, more than four-in-five American voters say that conserving our country's natural resources—our land, air and water—is patriotic,” say pollsters.

“Many, many Americans spend the Fourth of July holiday outdoors—in a local park, at the beach, on the water, or in a National Park. In effect, by our actions we are celebrating and enjoying both the creation of our republic and the long history of our country’s commitment to conservation of our land and water."

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