American Musicians (and Others) Save Norwegian Wolves

Norwegian Wolf Standing in Snow Photo

Image source: State of the Environment, Norway

You have more than likely heard a bit about the Gray Wolves being placed on (and taken off) the Endangered Species List by the Bush Administration. You may not know that American wolves are not the only ones in danger. Seems we humans are apparently in conflict with wolves in Norway as well, to the point that they are nearing extinction. Well, a few musicians, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, EmmyLou Harris, Little Feat and Mark Knopfler are getting involved b participating on the Mother Earth Blues album, of which 100% of the proceeds will go to protecting and saving Norwegian wolves. You can listen to samples of each of the tracks from It's About Music. Currently the wolves are "red listed" which means they are an endangered species in danger of going extinct and the Norwegian government is still giving out licenses to shoot wolves in order to protect livestock. Illegal hunting and baiting is only exasperating the situation. Seems like we've heard this story before with other species.

Mother Earth Blues is currently on sale for $14.99USD. Other ways to protect the Norwegian wolves include signing petitions, :It's About Music - Mother Earth
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