Amber Valletta, Ted Danson and Daphne Zuniga Get Word Out on Mercury

Seafood - what to eat, what not to eat - the concerns about health, environment and economy are so complex it is tempting to overlook the issue altogether and focus on a simple subject, like global warming for example. Especially if you are a celebrity stumping for environmental causes - the connection between gas-guzzlers and carbon emissions is pretty easy to make. Hybrids good, Hummers bad. But there are other environmental fish to fry (pun totally intended), like say - seafood and mercury emissions. Recently, Ted Danson and Amber Valletta teamed up with Oceana to offer their publicity power and support for Wild Oats Market's commitment to warning consumers about the risks of mercury in seafood. In other news, actress Daphne Zuniga shared the nightmarish story of her bout with mercury poisoning in an ABC News feature. Once a voracious seafood consumer (up to 4 sushi meals in a week) she now works with Turtle Island Restoration Network, a California environmental group, on their campaign to inform the public about mercury. Via Defamer.