Amadana Bamboo Earphones by Real Fleet

Based in Tokyo, the Amadana design philosophy of Real Fleet is steeped in Japanese culture, history and sense of beauty. They aim to create "a tool to go back to the life of who you are, a device to carry around who you are" and have done so with this snazzy earphones. Made with bamboo, each pair is unique, functional and unusually beautiful; we find few earphones in which form so closely follows function. The ear hangers are movable, so each pair of earphones can be custom-fit to each pair of ears. They're careful to note, comically, that the earphones won't climb walls, listen to the voice in your heart, or help you crack a safe, but they do look good for listening to music; they even have a diagram picture (check it out after the jump). It doesn't look like they're available just yet outside of Japan, but can be yours for 12,000 yen if you happen to be in Tokyo. Thanks to Andrew for the tip! ::amadana earphones

Looks like they're still good for listening to music, though.