Indoor Sculpture Garden Planted in Empty Downtown Chicago Storefront

Through an initiative of the Chicago Loop Alliance, Pop-UP Art Loop transforms empty storefronts into temporary art galleries by creating partnerships between artists and property owners. This idea of repurposing empty commercial spaces into temporary galleries and exhibition space can be seen in many cities. What isn’t so common is the merger of exhibition spaces and gardens-until now.

Take a video tour of Alterpolitan

Alterpolitan: An Indoor Sculpture Garden, as the installation is titled, is a temporary indoor sculpture garden in the heart of downtown Chicago. The garden is a collaboration between Pop-Up Art Loop, Noisivelvet, and Art Advisory, Ltd.Over five days their respective teams and volunteers installed 3800 square feet of sod, a dozen plants, and 27 sculptures on the ground floor of the Inland Steel Building. Alterpolitan is located at 77 S. Dearborn St and will be open for a couple of weeks. Residents and visitors are invited to visit and experience this one of kind sculpture garden. At the end of its run, everything featured in Alterpolitan will be available for sale right down to the sod.I took the pictures and video before the official opening when they were still adding plants so things may look more planted when you visit.Want more garden goodness? Follow the MrBrownThumb urban gardening blog, also on G+, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.
Indoor Sculpture Garden Planted in Empty Downtown Chicago Storefront
Empty storefront transformed into indoor sculpture garden in Chicago.

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