Almost: Ingri Naugahyde Stuffed Toys


This TreeHugger thinks slightly odd-looking stuffed toys are the best gifts for the nieces and nephews. It's like thinking the sickly runt is the most lovable puppy in the litter. These aren't the ugliest we've seen, but they have a certain something lacking in their typically cutesy cousins (I'm not the only one who thinks the turtle (far right) looks like ET on drugs). Anyway, finding these slightly strange animals (and their friends) on babygeared was especially exciting when they were described as "environmentally friendly." But how so? Read on: they're made of "environmentally friendly naugahyde vinyl." What?! Naugahyde or not, vinyl = PVC = bad news. Know your stuff (more about plastics here), and don't be led astray. $60(!) USD each at ::babygeared [by KK]