"Allow Spiritual Genitalia to Guide Conversation" - Ecovillage Living Exposed (Video)

ecovillage parody photoNew Message Media/Video screen capture

"Everyone's naked. There's a lot of sex. A lot of drugs."

When I posted a video of an anarchist bed and breakfast in California, I was interested in the film makers' attempts to explore not just the positive aspects of intentional community, but also the challenges.

Because while co-housing and ecovillage living offer great promise as models for more sustainable community, they also pose a challenge to we humans who have grown up in an era that values individualism over community, and "personal freedom" over a sense of belonging.

These challenges are only made harder by misperceptions of what intentional communities are all about. So while I missed it when it was first posted, this video parody —which was produced for the Art of Community conference in California back in September, is a fabulous way to bust a few prejudices and challenge our prejudices.

And, for those who want to learn more, there's a video about real life in intentional communities posted below too. I'm sorry to have missed posting on the conference—but the video had me laughing out loud. And there's always next year for the conference folks, if your spiritual genitalia can wait that long...

"Allow Spiritual Genitalia to Guide Conversation" - Ecovillage Living Exposed (Video)
A hillarious parody sends up some of the misconceptions about intentional community.

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