Allie Hosts the Carnival, JUNKraft Hits Top Speed, Natalie Portman on Project Runway, Petz on The Canary Project, Danny Seo on Whole Living

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Allie's Answers: Carnival of the Green #138 by Allie
"I am so excited to be hosting Carnival of the Green #138. I moved my column from over to start Allie's Answers on July 31, 2007, and immediately signed up to host Carnival of the Green. My hosting date seemed so far off, and I worried I'd run out of eco-friendly things to talk about before I made it to my first blogiversary. But here I am, a year later, full of ideas, excited to move forward into year two."

JUNK: JUNKraft flying along, launch revisited by Anna Cummins
"As of 9:30 tonight, JUNK was forging ahead at top speeds (relative, of course), possibly making today another record mileage day. Last night, she hit record speeds - 3.2 knots - a 58 mile day. I asked Marcus how JUNK performs at high speed. Other than some new and strange bottle crunching noises, she apparently does just fine!"Seed + Sew: Natalie Portman on Project Runway by katelivesinbrooklyn
"Miss thang "actress and environmental activist" Natalie Portman showed up on Project Runway tonight for the green episode where all designers had eco-fabrics like hemp-silk blend to work with and this fabulous dress by Suede wins."

The Canary Project: Petz Scholtus' Eco-Friendly Flat by Ed Morris
"In June during our trip to Barcelona, we stopped in and visited Petz Scholtus. Click here to see a video of our visit. Petz is one of those leaders you are beginning to find in every city. She calls herself an eco-designer, but design is only part of what she does. She energizes the people around her and leads by example."

Whole Living: 25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home by Danny Seo
"Green style guru Danny Seo, author of the Simply Green book series shows us how to create one-of-a-kind items out of things you might consider disposable, and points out some of his favorite sustainable $25-and-under store finds."

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