All Things Biodiesel: A New Site from the National Biodiesel Board


We keep a fairly close eye on biodiesel, with posts ranging from finding it while driving to using it to heat your home to making it yourself, but if you crave more, we recommend checking out All Things Biodiesel, a new site set up by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and unveiled recently at the National Biodiesel Conference. Intended to be the world's largest biodiesel marketplace, the site includes a variety of services including online biodiesel classifieds, where you can buy or sell cars, brewing equipment and real estate, the biodiesel store, which offers products for biodiesel retailers and consumers alike, and a biodiesel directory, which features resources from associations/organizations to utilties (and lots in between). The site is still young (just about a week old), so there are still some blanks to be filled in -- the classifieds don't have any business products or facilities just yet, for example -- but it looks like a good start. The site looks less concerned with the science and more concerned with the business and consumer end of the burgeoning fuel's market; it's suited to those who already know what transesterification is and want to take action rather than get educated. Says Doug Whitehead, NBB project manager, " is for companies who want to get the word out on their product on a large scale, to companies who need to know where to turn for services and products helping their biodiesel business, to consumers wanting to make biodiesel-related purchases." Though it isn't there yet, with a little time, the site has the potential to become a valuable and useful resource for all things biodiesel. ::All Things Biodiesel via ::AutoblogGreen