Alicia Silverstone's Tips for a Green Valentine's Day and More

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If you've left your Valentine's Day plans until the last minute (again), then Alicia Silverstone can help: The eco-minded actress took to her website, The Kind Life, to list some of her favorite ways to put a green spin on your celebration. She recommends her favorite organic wines for a romantic night in, suggests handmade cards instead of store-bought, helps you find organic florists for traditional red roses, and names some of her favorite vegan bakeries for satisfying a sweet tooth. But she also points out that the holiday doesn't have to be about shopping: "If you appreciate and love each other all the time and spend as much quality time together as you can," she says, "Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a huge deal. But if you are a festive one, go for it!" (Via Vegetarian Star)

The Fabulous Green Life of Kimora Lee Simmons

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons Kimora Lee Simmons is known more for her philosophy of fabulosity than her commitment to minimalism or environmentalism -- but, as EcoStiletto points out, her view of green living as part of a bigger picture just might speak to a wider audience. Simmons' new makeup line is made with natural ingredients, including "wakame kelp, mushroom, and pearl powders," and she says that making sustainable choices doesn't have to mean giving up glamour. "Go green whenever it's possible," she says. "Make the choice that sustains us all. Turn off the lights, turn off the water, and recycle. That's fabulousity."

Sarah Chalke's Green Childhood

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"Scrubs" actress Sarah Chalke returns to the small screen next week in the CBS comedy "Mad Love," where she stars alongside Judy Greer, Jason Biggs, and Tyler Labine -- and she told Mother Nature Network that in the time since her stint on the hospital comedy ended, she's been focused on making her home as green as possible for her one-year-old son. "It was a big priority for me to have as much organic stuff, wooden toys, organic bedding," she says. "We try to keep any baby products very natural." But eco-friendly motherhood was a natural step for Chalke, who was a vegetarian for more than a decade growing up, and remembers getting organic fruits and vegetables delivered. "It's a priority for my family, and how we were raised."

Matt Damon's "Plan B"

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Joining a long line of A-listers who've lent their voices to environmental films -- including Morgan Freeman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Sigourney Weaver -- Matt Damon has signed on to narrate "Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization". The plot of the documentary, based on the book by Lester Brown, is described as "A new economy based upon renewable resources fights the growing threat of climate change"; the 90-minute film is scheduled to air on PBS in March. (Via Ecorazzi)

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