Alexandra Cousteau, Jessica Biel & Pete Wentz Announce Dow Live Earth 'Run For Water' (Video)

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Jessica Biel, Pete Wentz, Alexandra Cousteau join Live Earth in Run for Water announcement in New York. Credit: Stuart Ramson, courtesy of Live Earth

This morning Live Earth, Global Water Challenge, and Dow -- joined by Alexandra Cousteau, explorer and activist; Jessica Biel, actor and Live Earth supporter; Pete Wentz, artist (of band Fall Out Boy-fame) and activist; Angelique Kidjo, Grammy award-winning artist and UNICEF ambassador; and Jenny Fletcher, athlete and model -- announced Run for Water. The global solutions-based initiative will feature a series of 6km runs/walks -- the average distance children and women walk to access water -- and will kick off Earth Week on April 18, 2010 with live musical performances and water education activities -- in an effort to ignite a global movement to end the water epidemic.

Alexandra Cousteau: "Water is the Defining Challenge of Our Century"


Alexandra Cousteau at Run for Water press conference, New York. Credit: Stuart Ramson, courtesy of Live Earth
Alexandra Cousteau, explorer, activist, and granddaughter of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, has described her grandfather as a "master storyteller" and today she shared a story of her own. She told of an expedition through the Himalayas "not to see the beauty, but to tell the story of water," and to chronicle the planet's life support systems. She continued to say that unless we do something our "ecosystems will collapse - will not might." When we spoke afterwards she explained how everyday tasks -- from only running the dishwasher when full to turning off unused lights -- contribute to ensuring the future of our blue planet. She believes it is not only up to policy makers to turn the water crisis around but the responsibility of the general population, and said "water is a right - it is the defining challenge of our century."

Live Earth Run for Water: 'This is Why We Run' Video

Video courtesy of Live Earth

Jessica Biel on Water: "We use too much, and too many have too little"

Jessica Biel at Run for Water press conference, New York. Credit: Stuart Ramson, courtesy of Live Earth Jessica Biel, actor and activist participating in Summit on the Summit -- where she'll climb Mt. Kilimanjaro -- gave honest remarks on how she has never been forced to think about water or where it came from; when she turned on the tap it was there. However, she put the water crisis in perspective when she spoke to how it is the fuel for wars, and said, "if we fail to solve the crisis, the consequences for humanity is grave." A California resident, she saw thousands of people who lost jobs due to drought, and said "we use too much [water], too many have too little, and I refuse to selectively forget about this necessity for life." She asked "will we listen [to the crisis on water], will we change?" and closed by saying the Run for Water will "change the way we think about water, and change the way we think about change."

Pete Wentz on the Water Crisis "Let's Get On it, or Let's Get It On"

Pete Wentz at Run for Water press conference, New York. Credit: Stuart Ramson, courtesy of Live Earth Pete Wentz, artist and musician in Fall Out Boy, spoke to how he appreciates media attention when he is followed to countries like Uganda -- where he visited in 2007 with Invisible Children. Pete spoke from the heart and said it would freak him out if he had to give his son dirty water that was dirty. He spoke to how when issues are considered impossible -- they are easily forgotten, or discounted -- and said "I don't believe in the impossible" - we can work towards solving the water crisis. He candidly closed by saying "let's get on it, or let's get it [the water crisis] on."

Visit Live Earth to donate, register for the run, sign the petition, spread the word, and more.

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