Alaska's North Slope: Biggest Oil Spill Yet


Despite BP's claim to be "Beyond Petroleum" and its various renewable energy projects (see links at the end of this post), we must not forget that the company still has bl.. oil on its hands. Friday, Reuters reported that the March 2 oil spill is worse than previously reported and that "up to 267,000 gallons (6,357 barrels) of crude oil poured out of a pipeline at the Prudhoe Bay field [not far from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge], making it the largest oil spill ever recorded on the state's North Slope." According to Leslie Pearson, on-scene coordinator for the Department of Environmental Conservation, the spill is spread over 1.9 acres (0.76 hectare) of snow-covered tundra. The environmental impact remains unknown, but it doesn't take a genius to know that it won't be good. ::Alaska's North Slope sees its biggest oil spill, via ::Dave Pollard, ::BP Solar Profitable – Solar has Bright Future Ahead, ::BP Plans to Invest $8 Billion In Renewable Energy, ::Toyota and BP Biofuels Research Partnership, ::Arctic Refuge Drilling Blocked in US Senate, ::Arctic Wildlife Refuge Safe... For Now, ::Treasure America's Arctic Wildlife Refuge Video