Al Gore & Vandana Shiva at the 1st International Meeting for Friends of Trees in Spain

Barcelona will host the 1st International Meeting for Friends of Trees at the end of this month, organised by +árboles (More Trees), a foundation set up by Maderas Nobles, a company dedicated to sustainable forestry.

The objective of the event is to gather both national and international personalities to 'talk about the necessity of a new tree culture, and the environmental, economic and social importance of trees as an instrument to counteract the consequences of global warming'. The goal: to plant 100 Million trees in 4 years, under the concept of Responsibility + Trees for a Good Climate. The project joins companies, institutions, governments and individuals to plant those 100 Million trees on the peninsular as a natural barrier against climate change.

During the event, today's situation of the Spanish forest will be analyst from different view points in order to find new activities, organisations and collaborations to improve the forests.

Participating are Al Gore, Vandana Shiva, WWF, Triodos Bank and Greenpeace amongst others.

To participate yourself, just fill out the form on the web site (which is in Spanish only although it says it's an international event?) The conference prices range from €100-€650 which includes an organic lunch, the book 'an Inconvenient Truth' by Al Gore and the book 'Responsarbolidad' by Jordi Bigues.

The web site also offers a virtual forest with links to other tree-relates web sites and the project 100 writings, 100 writers which will host 100 texts about trees. But don't worry for those of you who don't speak Spanish or can't make it to Barcelona on the 23rd of June. Jenna and I will cover the conference and tell you more about it at the end of this month (click here for more). ::Más Árboles Foundation

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