Al Gore Rocks Greenbuild


Al Gore was in fighting trim at Greenbuild, speaking to 28,000 people who flew in from all over the country to learn about and celebrate green design. While his presentation was a bit wooden, the content was golden:

"We still have a climate crisis, an economic crisis and a national security crisis ... they are united by the thread of dependence on carbon-based fuel, you pull that thread and the crises unravel."


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It was not his usual talk; he knew he was preaching to a focused audience, already converted. He was positive, encouraging, concluding:

"We have everything we need -- with the possible exception of political will. But I believe in my heart that we're going to solve this, because in the United States of America political will is a renewable resource."

Of course there were protesters outside complaining about Gore's carbon footprint, and no doubt somebody will calculate the footprint of bringing 28,000 people to Phoenix; I can imagine the comments that the anti-gore trolls will write already.

But getting together and getting inspired could be worth it, getting that longer vision that such an inspiring speaker can deliver, such as when Al Gore quoted General Omar Bradley:

You have to steer by the stars instead of the lights of every passing ship.

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