Al Gore in Entertainment Weekly [Updated]

On Monday July 17, an issue of Entertainment Weekly with Al Gore on the cover will hit the newsstands. We haven't read the issue, so we have no idea if it's any good, but the press release we received has a few interesting quotes: "I was skeptical about the movie at first," Gore doesn't mind admitting. "I couldn't understand what these Hollywood producers were thinking. I didn't see how a slide show [about global warming] could be a movie. But you know, they were right." It also mentions that An inconvenient Truth has now surpassed Hoop Dreams and Supersize Me in popularity, making Gore a bona fide movie star (usually the transition is Hollywood to Washington, but Gore went against the current).A little anecdote about the early days of the slideshow:

Gore's slide show wasn't always the polished presentation you see in theaters, and at one point, he was using three slide projectors which grew into an unwieldy extravaganza, with Gore dashing around the stage like a plate spinner on the old Ed Sullivan Show. "I was giving the show in Tennessee," he recalls one particularly disastrous performance. "And I realized I had put every single slide in backwards. And, you know, with those old carousels, you can't just stop and tell the audience to be patient while you take 47 minutes to carefully replace the slides. After that, at my wife's suggestion, I gave up projectors. I came home and Tipper said, 'Hey, Mister Information Superhighway, you know we have computers in the 21st century?'"

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Update: Well, apparently the article is online (with a pretty weird photo). Thanks to David Roberts for pointing it out.

Here's a choice cut:

''This isn't a political film,'' Gore insists. ''Global warming isn't a political issue. It's about the survival of the planet. Nobody is going to care who won or lost any election when the earth is uninhabitable.''