Al Gore Hits the VMAs


Somewhere between Queen Latifah and The Killers lies......Al Gore? The man behind An Inconvenient Truth gave a minute or so rendition of his global warming slideshow to last night's MTV Video Music Awards. Besides getting the message across to just about every high-schooler with cable television, Gore announced a section of MTV's site dedicated to environmental issues, and global warming in particular, thinkMTV. In fact, MTV goes as far as to ask its audience to "Break the Addition" through a 12 step program that shows how to green your life, and you (maybe) guessed it, green your crib (where's a green "Pimp My Ride" ?) While we won't turn rock critic on the television's programming, we can give them a big thumbs up for bringing sustainability to their large and eager young audience. We only hope that they put their money where their web site is and purchased carbon offsets for their night of award extravagance.