¡Justicia Now! The Fight Against Big Oil Continues in Ecuador


The plight of the indigenous peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon has received a lot of attention from artists and film makers over the last year. High profile activists such as Daryl Hannah, David De Rothschild and Trudie Styler have all travelled to the Rainforest in the past 12 months to see for themselves the damage that has been wreaked by oil pollution upon the environment and local communities there. After this TreeHugger's on the ground reporting from Ecuador last year, comes a documentary about the 'Artivist' John Quigley's epicly photographed organised protest at the original Texaco drilling site in Ecuador. ¡Justicia Now! One peoples fight against Big Oil is a short documentary by the directors Martin O'Brien and Robbie Proctor, of MoFilms, who accompanied John Quigley and Daryl Hannah on their trip to to create a staged protest in Ecuador in July 2007. It was premiered at the Artivist Film Festival in November with a presentation by actress and activist Q'Orianka Kilcher and is now available to everyone to watch online. The actor Stuart Townsend also appears in the film, as does Atossa Soltani the founder of Amazon Watch and the lawyers Steven Donziger and Pablo Fajardo who are leading the indigenous people's case against Chevron Texaco. Watch this inspiring testament to the power of collaboration in the fight for justice.

Via: Kyeann Sayer
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