Airplane upcycled into the coolest kindergarten classroom (Video)

Airplane turned into kindergarten classroom The Telegraph /Video screen capture

The only snakes on this plane are found in the kids’ toy chest. The stewardesses are teachers, and the complimentary beverage and snack is cookies and milk.

Kindergarten Classroom inside airplane The Telegraph/Video screen capture
Headmaster Gari Chapidze had the ingenious idea of buying and transforming a retired Yakovlev 42 plane into a kindergarten classroom. This top flight classroom was bought for an undisclosed sum and is located in Rustavi, Georgia.

Airplane upcycled into kindergarten classroom The Telegraph /Video screen capture

“I wondered for a long time how to make a kindergarten where children will not want to go home,” Chapidze told The Telegraph. “So I came up with the idea of making a kindergarten in a plane.”

Kindergarten classroom in an airplaneThe Telegraph /Video screen capture

While the headmaster’s belief in so-called indigo children may give you pause, there’s something to be said about an educator who wants to encourage children to explore technology, and gives them a unique setting where their curiosity is encouraged. The plane has more than 1500 buttons the kids can pull, push, flick and press to make noises.

Watch Aeroplane Turned into Kindergarten

Not only has he create a great learning environment that the kids do not want to leave, but now parents are eagerly lining up to add their kids to the classroom's growing waiting list.

Unfortunately for that one child in the video, the plane will not be gassed up any time soon. But he should be happy to be in what is possibly the coolest classroom ever built. In America all we get is libraries that used to be Walmarts.

Airplane upcycled into the coolest kindergarten classroom (Video)
In the country of Georgia, a headmaster transformed an airplane into a classroom to engage kids.

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