Air2Water Dolphin — Water out of Thin Air!

This one’s got both the whiz-bang and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that factors. Plug it in, and water comes out. That’s it. No lines to connect, no bottles to stick on top (spilling water all over the floor in the process). So where does the water come from? Somebody had the clever idea of combining a dehumidifier with a water purifier, so that instead of throwing out the pan of water sucked from the air, you can drink it. It may be a bit much for your kitchen at home, but it sounds perfect for every office cluttered up with huge water cooler bottles. It’ll produce 20 liters of water a day in 70% humidity, which is about the amount that comes in one of those fat-ass 5 gallon bottles, but without the waste or transportation emissions. It’ll even do hot water. There’s a smaller countertop version too, but it ain’t very pretty—if it does what it says, though, we’ll pretend we didn’t notice. Via HGTV ::Air2Water [by KK]