Air Conditioned Coffins All the Rage in Serbia

air conditioned coffin photo

Austrian Times

We do go on about the evils of air conditioning, and how planting a tree might be a good idea, or maybe digging into the ground a little bit to get some natural cooling. But if we needed more proof of the dictum "too much is never enough", we offer for your consideration the air conditioned coffin, in case being earth-sheltered isn't quite enough.

The manufacturer says it is designed to keep bodies "fresh" prior to burial in hot summer months, but Serbians are snapping them up at £4,500 a pop "up in hopes they will have a more comfortable afterlife." The Daily Star quotes: "People imagine they want to feel comfortable in a coffin. "They feel they want to be as relaxed as possible as they make their journey to the next world." Daily Star via Cnet

Perhaps instead we might recommend:


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