Ahoy There Me Hearties. Musicians Tour by Sailboat


This not new news. But when the story came across our desk months ago we were hoping some pics might emerge. Alas not. Anyhow, we still think it worthy of a mention. Earlier this month, independent musicians, in this case Red Hunter (of Peter and the Wolf), Jana Hunter (unrelated) and Ray Raposa (from the Castanets) planned to conclude a two-week sailboat tour of the US east coast. Their concept was to shanghai a 28 foot (8.5m) cutter rig, whose skipper Radio DJ Dan Gaeta even wears an eye patch (from a fireworks accident). And once aboard ply the waters and ports of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, a 1,200-mile (1,900 km) stretch of canals and dams, giving performances in a dozen or so venues. The green travel theme was picked up by MTV, who ran a story a while back, about various artists, who were also touring by train, biodiesel vans, van-pooling, only playing local gigs, or in the case of those inspiring Ditty Bops, by bicycle. Musicians roaming the country in a more environmentally benign manner, to visit their audiences, garnered plenty of other media attention. The tour by sailboat concept, for instance, was picked up by the Portland Mercury through to ABC Business.