After Haiti Earthquake Disaster Urgent Appeals For Aid Spread Across Blogoshpere


As the full scale of the tragic earthquake disaster in Haiti becomes apparent there is a mass mobilization effort to get aid and support to the stricken island as soon as possible. Planet Green have posted on 10 Ways to Help the Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts while yesterday Warren posted on Help For Haiti Earthquake Aftermath. Giving Green, highlighting a post from Worldchanging, as well as noting the green organisations that are operating on the ground there that need support. Today TH Blog Love selects articles from around the blogosphere which explain the terrible impact of this earthquake in one the world's poorest countries.Architecture For Humanity: Haiti Quake Appeal by AFH Team
"On January 12th around 4.30pm local time a 7.0 powerful quake hit the impoverished nation of Haiti. This was followed more than 30 strong aftershocks. There has been widespread major damage and a loss of life estimated to be in the tens of thousands."

Infrastructurist: The Evening Dig: Port-au-Prince Rescue Edition by Alex Lessard-Pilon
"• In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, damage to port cranes and to the pier will make emergency access difficult, as only ships carrying their own gear for unloading goods will be able to service the area. (Miami Herald)"

Mother Jones: How Bush-Cheney Policy Screwed Haiti by James Ridgeway
"In the wake of the devastating earthquake, American eyes are again turned toward Haiti--something that only seems to happen when yet another disaster strikes, and never during the daily chaos and misery that plague the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere."

New York Times Video: Haiti's Legacy of Environmental Disaster Produced by Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud
"Even before the recent earthquake Haiti's environment teetered on the brink of disaster. Brent and Craig Renaud report on the country's deforestation problems."

Time: After the Quake Comes the Disease. Can Haiti Cope? by Bryan Walsh
"With basic health care and sanitation all but destroyed, and millions of survivors likely left homeless, unchecked infectious disease and contamination will pose a threat to survivors. "In the weeks to come, we may have huge issues with public health," says Pino Annunziata, who is coordinating the emergency response for the World Health Organization in Geneva. "This will be a major concern.""

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