Affordable Low VOC Paint?

A reader asks: "Are there any good organic or low VOC paints that those of us in the lower income brackets can afford? I'd rather not sacrifice great color, either, though I'm open to unusual alternatives!"

Answer: The best non-toxic paints are Zero VOC paints but these will usually cost around $30 a gallon. See a list of these paints here. For a low cost alternative you can opt for low VOC paints, which are comparable in price to regular paint. If you go to a specialty paint store like Benjamin Moore or Duron, you can usually get any color you desire (the links go to their store locator pages). I've used the Duron low VOC Genesis Odor-Free paint in my home. See a complete list of retailers over the fold:Low- and No-VOC Paints

AFM (American Formulating and Manufacturing)

Benjamin Moore & Co. (Pristine® Eco-Spec® )

BioShield Paints

Devoe Paint

Duron Paints and Wallcoverings (Genesis Odor-Free products)

ICI Dulux Paints

Kelly Moore

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company

Sherwin-Williams (HealthSpec® paints)

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Affordable Low VOC Paint?
Answer: The best non-toxic paints are Zero VOC

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