Affordable Home Wind Power: Mother Earth News, June/July


As we've noted, many mainstream magazines are publishing "green issues," so the latest Mother Earth News proclaims on the cover "Every Issue is a Green Issue." The June/July issue features an article by Greg Pahl on residential wind turbines, a technology that may be ready to go prime time. Pahl notes that "recent technical developments have reduced blade noise and improved both turbine efficiency and longevity," so homeowners living in areas with the necessary amount of wind may take another look at this alternative.

This issue also gives close attention to the renewal of the US Farm Bill: articles by regular Grist contributor Tom Philpott and Farm Aid president Willie Nelson both argue for significant changes in American agricultural policy. Other features include articles by Barbara Kingsolver and Terry Tempest Williams.

If you're looking for the kinds of practical advice for which Mother Earth News is famous, there's no shortage of that, either. Readers will discover eight strategies for better garden soil, tips for maintaining a weedless organic garden, and the basics of wood working. This issue's departments also take a look at the Chevy Volt, and introduce the Hunan winged bean.

Many of these articles are available online; the rest are available only in the print edition. Subscriptions to Mother Earth News are a mere $10. ::Mother Earth News, June/July 2007

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