Adventures of Walking Video by Do The Green Thing


We've had some great videos on TreeHugger over the years that have tackled environmental issues with delicious humour. Some that spring to mind are Robert Newman's bicycle-powered gig, vampire power and who could forget 'Can't tell you too much' ? Recently wandering through the eco-web-maze we bumped into another creative example of how the moving image and a warped sense of humour can be employed to get a message across. Turns out Leonora had mentioned it in our Blog Love series. A gentle reminder, in case you missed it.

Walking is such a basic part of human life you might wonder how anyone could make it cool. Steve's vid as screened by Do the The Green Thing does just that. Walking — made way more fun than it sounds. Oh, and apparently no polar bears were harmed in the making of this motion picture, as the director walked to most of his 'locations.' You'll not see road signs in the same light ever again. ::Do the The Green Thing.Oh and we loved this little stat from their Green Wiki. "The average bike journey is 6 miles so if you save 0.335kg of CO2 by biking instead of driving per mile, biking once will save 2.01kg of CO2."

(And we remain bemused by how the Brits can so careful mix their metric and imperial measurements! Speaking of which, did you know that, according to Wikipedia only three nations have not officially adopted metric as their primary or sole system of measurement.They are: Liberia, Burma and the United States.)

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