Adrian Grenier Swims with Tuna, Pearl Jam Supports Ocean Conservation, and More

adrien grenier oceana tuna photo

Photo via Oceana
Entourage actor Adrian Grenier suited up for a new Oceana PSA that finds him diving in for a swim with one some of the ocean's fastest hunters: bluefin tuna.
Though the tuna can swim faster than 50 miles per hour, they're also a popular choice in sushi restaurants -- so they're threatened by overfishing, which has cut their numbers by 82 percent. The western groups of these 1,500-pound fish also head to just one spot for spawning -- the Gulf of Mexico --which makes this a critical time for the tuna. "I couldn't sit back idly while this amazing predator is being pushed to the brink of extinction," said the actor, who has also supported Charity: Water. "We need to take action and keep the bluefin from going fast."

Video via Oceana

Jordin Sparks Visits the Gulf Coast

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Photo via Cambio

Former American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks traveled to the Gulf Coast for a firsthand look at the effects of the oil spill, from oil-covered birds that can't fly to dirty beaches. Interviews with residents and fisherman in the video for teen-focused series Cambio Cares put a personal spin on the impact the spill has had on the region in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The singer also talks about the campaign she started with her brother -- called "I'm MAD, Are You?" -- with MAD standing in for Making a Difference, and how she hopes to get kids of all ages involved. "We just want to tell young adults and teens and kids that it doesn't matter how big or small your effort is, just as long as you're making one."

Pearl Jam Protects the Ocean

Pearl Jam Oceans from Pearl Jam on Vimeo.

Video via Planet Green Pearl Jam has already made donations to offset the carbon footprint of their tours and planted trees to repopulate their home state of Washington, and now the rockers are turning their attention to the world's waters with a video for their new song, "Amongst the Waves", which was released on iTunes this week. Proceeds from the video go to Conservation International's Ocean Campaign, which tackles issues from overfishing to climate change. "There is only one ocean for everyone and everything," says the band. "It is a finite, precious resource under tremendous economic and environmental pressure. Look after it." On the band's website, you can find 11 other ways to help the oceans -- including using less energy and writing to your government officials.

Sheryl Crow's Humane Society Partnership

Video via HSUS
Sheryl Crow added to her green resume -- which includes green tours, discouraging excessive toilet paper use, and the Stop Global Warming college tour -- by joining the Humane Society of the United States to promote her new album, 100 Miles from Memphis, which comes out July 20. "As a Humane Hero, you'll stand with the Humane Society of the United States every month as they shut down puppy mills, save animals from natural and man-made emergencies, end the barbaric Canadian seal hunt, stop dogfighting and other forms of cruelty, and so much more," the singers says on the HSUS site. "Don't let another animal be the victim of cruel and senseless abuse." Donate to the HSUS and you can download Crow's new song "Our Love is Fading" for free. (Via Vegetarian Star)

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