Adrian Grenier Joins the Celeb Entourage Driving the Chevy Volt to Global Green’s Pre-Oscar Party

-- Adrian Grenier and Sophia Bush at Global Green's Volt Lounge.

Adrian Grenier of Entourage and arrived at Global Green’s 9th annual Pre-Oscar Party as The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki and a dozen other celebs drove up in the Chevrolet Volt to the event at the Avalon Hollywood to raise funds and awareness for green schools and other initiatives, such as the first Citizen Entrepreneur Contest for the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June.

-- "Revenge of the Electric Car" director Chris Paine arrives in a Volt at Global Green's party.
American Horror Story’s Dylan McDermott hung out in the Volt lounge along with stars from Community, The Closer, Pan Am and Mad Men. Actress Sophia Bush, musician Michelle Branch, directors Lucy Walker (Wasteland) and Chris Paine (Revenge of the Electric Car), among others strolled the green carpet.

Inside, the lobby was filled with "Living Walls" of greenery by HGTV’s Jamie Durie and an array of environmentally-conscious companies supporting Global Green were on display, including Evolve electric bikes, Pureology hair products, and Revo Eyewear’s Eco-Collection.

-- Actors Johnny Galeki and Kelli Garner check out the Volt.

Before headliner Sheila E. took the stage to perform “The Glamorous Life” (appropriately enough), Ed Begley Jr. introduced the co-chairs of the event, Sebastian Copeland and Matt Petersen, who recommended everyone nominate a local “Green Hero” to go the 20th Anniversary of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, this summer.

“As Hollywood prepares to celebrate their nominees for best performances and films down the street, Global Green is calling for nominations for the local green heroes who are tirelessly working to make their communities healthier and greener,” said Petersen.

Office Depot toxic-free highlighters© RCruger
-- Office Depot's non-toxic highlighters on display with Oscar frontrunner "The Artist" script.

Submit a nominee at Global Green -- a student, teacher, architect, community activist, organization -- or yourself – anyone who is greening a neighborhood or the lives of those in need. Creating an urban farm, transforming a beach, building sustainable designs, reducing waste, devising innovative transportation or some environmental action? Sign up for a chance to win the trip and $10,000.

Jeff U'ren EV-1 and Volt owner© RCruger
-- Early adopter, EV-1 and Volt owner Jeff U'ren.

But celebs weren’t the only ones riding the Volt. Jeff and Sheila U’Ren, original EV-1 owners drove No. 349 to the pre-Oscar party. They love the car and the torque.

“Now it’s annoying to drive a gas car,” says Jeff, who works in film post-production. He admits after GM took back his leased electric car, he “felt played.” But when he test-drove the Volt, he was sold. His friend’s two-seat red EV1 that inspired him to jump aboard electric cars is now at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA.

“In the last year I’ve driven 12,600 miles and 12,000 were electric. I’ve only used 23 gallons of gas and nine gallons came with the car!” When I asked about his electric bill, he estimated his bill for recharging the Volt came to $50-60 per month. But adds that after he replaced every lightbulb in his home with CFLs and LEDs, his bill dropped dramatically and offsets the cost of the electric bill by two-thirds. He primarily used the EV1 for commuting. “The Volt is a full-sized car for my family. In the ‘90s his son used to say, 'My dad’s from the future.'" That future is now.

Adrian Grenier Joins the Celeb Entourage Driving the Chevy Volt to Global Green’s Pre-Oscar Party
The annual event also included living walls, electric bikes, and familiar celebrity faces from the likes of "Mad Men" and "American Horror Story."