Adopt a Neglected Farm Animal Through the Farm Animal Adoption Network


photo: Farm Sanctuary

Back in March Farm Sanctuary rescued six calves that had almost starved to death from a farm in Pennsylvania. After much hard work and round the clock care the SPCA and Farm Sanctuary were able to nurse Sasha, Jasper, Filipe, Teddy, Vito, Clancy, Poncho, and Amigo back to health and now they need a good home. Farm Sanctuary and the Farm Animal Adoption Network (FANN) are working together to find homes for six calves that almost died in March. Today the calves are healthy and looking for a vegetarian farm to call home. Those interested in adopting one of these cuties or any of Farm Sanctuary's other rescued farm animals need to fill out an adoption request form.

According to Farm Sanctuary, FANN members are chosen based on a number of different criterion including ability to provide for the animal(s) financially; appropriate housing, land and fencing; good veterinary references, and access to a vet who treats farm animals; and vegetarian lifestyle and commitment to animal rights.

Once you're put on the FANN database, you're eligible to adopt a range of farm animals like chickens, calves, ducks, goats, pigs, sheep, geese, and turkeys. These animals are often rescued from factory farms, slaughterhouses, stockyards, and auctions when they are deemed "useless" by their owners or terribly mistreated like in the case above.

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