Actor Billy Zane Explains How Sustainabily (Easily) Fits Into His Lifestyle

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Best known for his achievements as an actor in over 80 films and television shows including Memphis Belle, Dead calm, Tombstone, Sniper, Zoolander, Orlando, The Phantom, Twin peaks and of course Titanic, Billy Zane has been dedicated to developing and promoting his passion for social activism. A partner in the convergent media distribution platform Radioactive Giant, Billy enables not only the agendas and initiatives of his fellow artists, politicians, activists, leaders and citizens, but also his personal project due to launch officially this September. Here he shares how he fits sustainability into his lifestyle - without sacrificing one ounce of style.

Billy Zane's Top Ten Picks for Being Stylish and Sustainable

1. Vintage Furniture & Accessories

My neighbor is pretty crazy about mid-century furniture. I had an office and credenza set that she went nuts over and is restoring them and posting them on eBay as I type this. I'm partial to French West Indies, beach house d├ęcor with rustic bohemian, provincial antiques and antique instruments. The most modern objects I have in my living room are DJ deck and an HD mounted projector, the rest blew in from Jamaica Inn. A great RE-use of energy. Mixing classics found on eBay and offsetting them with modern staples for entertainment. Although we only spin vinyl in this house. No laptop auto-mixing here friends. Another one for the planet I'm told. Isn't it great when identifying rare classics, and craftsmanship give cause to celebrate for reasons other than they're simple beauty and quality? Ecofabulous indeed!

2. Reclaimed & Repurposed Art

I am doing an art exhibit on the 18th in Cambria of original works using recycled items. It's a group show of GREEN artists. I also have one in Berlin in August during the World Peace Festival there. It's my thang. Check out to see my solo show at Bergamont Station last summer.

3. SILVA Bamboo Laptop Case
Bamboo? Stuff grows like wildfire! Apparently even onto your laptop while you pulled yourself away from your life-sucker for those few seconds of relief. Careful daddy O'. You don't want to sit there too long just in case you get swallowed as well. Still a good idea balancing all that silicon with some organic compounds other than your carbon structure, because haven't you heard? We are already 20% Teflon! So, hit the lawn, Pops, stat! But bring that laptop and its smart bamboo case with ya, just in case you get friended by a... real friend.

4. EVOLUTION MAN Recycled Tire Toiletries Bag

I think this item is quite clever. Looks smart too!

5. Nau Men's Recycled Polyester Blazer

Though it may not breathe, this polyester blazer won't wrinkle and certainly never decompose. So rest assured, on your next all-night adventure, your synthetic recycled threads will cover for you during the long walk of shame from the curb to the elevator. Just hope your pants make it.

6. Presso Recycled Aluminum Espresso Maker

If it makes a good cup of coffee, why not be made of recycled materials? Btw, was "Presto" taken? Anybody?

7. Knowledge Cotton Apparel Organic Shirts
Fine organic cotton and great hand stitching and finishing. If the people who spent the time to make your nifty shirt are seeing more profit, then put the coin in their superbly embroidered pocket, no?

8. Heather Heron's Rincon Surf Bag made of Vintage Military Materials
This is cool. I just wish it came with a vintage military material surf bus.

9. PACT Organic Underwear

I'm not partial, nor loyal to my briefs. So much or little so that I rarely wear them at all. If I do, keeping the closest fabric to the nether regions organic makes good sense to me and the boys.

10. Veja Sneakers

These (sneakers) are groovy creepers! Veggie tanned anything just feels right. Other than my shirt at the juice bar. Tell that to the cow, I know, but hey, at least they are using the skin right?

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Actor Billy Zane Explains How Sustainabily (Easily) Fits Into His Lifestyle
Best known for his achievements as an actor in over 80 films and television shows including Memphis Belle, Dead calm, Tombstone, Sniper, Zoolander, Orlando, The

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