Activist art wants YOU to join the People’s Climate March

James Jean Climate March Poster
© James Jean

The People’s Climate March will happen this coming Sunday, September 21 in New York City. The march describes itself as “the largest climate march in history” and has over 1,000 organizations pledging their support. It aims to bring attention to the problems associated with global warming and call for political action to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Demonstrating the popular support for policies that will fight climate change requires lots and lots of people. Various artists are lending their talents to this cause, and have created a number of beautiful works to inspire people to attend the march.

Over the summer, the organizers of the People’s Climate March held a poster design contest. The winning submission earned ad space on New York City subways, urging New Yorkers to attend the event. James Jean (top of post) and Ellie Ohiso (below) were both named winners.

People's Climate March poster© Ellie Ohiso

The runners up are beautiful too, like Chip Thomas’ “I am the change” poster and Lopi LaRoe’s “Lady Liberty has list her moorings.”

Cesar Maxit’s poster reminds us of two things the march is fighting to protect: our earth and future generations.

Local groups in New York have been working to get people involved too. The People’s Puppets, a New York City art collective that was born at Occupy Wall Street in 2011, has created this video. They’ve turned the seemingly amorphous threat of climate change into an actual monster, “Climatzillia.”

This cool collaged PSA comes from a Vimeo user:

And just in case none of this has been particularly inspiring to you, will you march to save a kitten?

The People’s Climate March happens just ahead of the UN Climate Summit, where world leaders are coming together to address climate change. The march is scheduled to begin at 11:30 at Columbus Circle in New York City. For more information, visit

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Activist art wants YOU to join the People’s Climate March
Artists and designers are working to inspire people to attend “the largest climate march in history” on September 21.

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