"Cool Globes" traveling exhibit arrives on Earth Day

Cool Globe by Terri-Spath photo

Cool Globe in San Francisco journeys to Los Angeles. Photo by Terri Spath

A 5- foot round and 7-foot tall globe encrusted with crumpled plastic bottles sends a large-sized message about the gargantuan problem of plastic in landfills. A sphere covered with tire gauges makes a statement about car maintenance helping to improve fuel efficiency. There's a globe with hanging laundry stretched across continents, one with cars piled up, another smothered in vegetables or filled with facts and figures about climate change. It's all a reminder of the multi-faceted ways we can contribute to solving global warming. This Cool Globes project involves artists creating dramatic, innovative, aesthetic and goofy earth sculptures, the Cool Globes with three-dimensional meaning.
Find out at the Rose Garden in Los Angeles' Exposition Park on April 22 to see fifty of the giant globes which are decorated, painted, sculpted, and designed by artists. The collection was originally installed in Chicago in 2007, and has since toured around from San Francisco Golden Gate Park and San Diego to Washington DC's Botanical Gardens. Each artist focused the design on one of many issues, from energy to water.

cool globes lineup photo

Cool Globes along bike path. Photo courtesy of Cool Globes

After attending a Clinton Global Initiative gathering, Wendy Abrams, the founder/creator of Cool Globes, felt inspired to start this project and raise awareness about climate change. Her idea is similar to the apples in New York City, flamingos in Miami, cows in Chicago, and other city icons that are artistically rendered and auctioned off. Abrams hopes to incite action and instigate thought about the impact of global climate change.

I'd figured if something was that important, our government would handle it or the scientists would. It was somebody else's problem...but we moved from 'Is it real?' to "So what do we do about it?'

Local Los Angeles artists and high schoolers contributed several new globes for the environmental art exhibit, including one called "Less Than Zero." Lesson plans are available for classes making field trips to the location near the Natural History Museum and California Science Center.

It heads to Houston next and maybe your hometown, then possibly Copenhagen, London, and Geneva. The hauling trek is handled by EA Logistics, which was motivated by Cool Globes with an "aha moment" to take emissions seriously, instigating anti-idling regulations and limited driving speed. For the journey overseas, it will probably have to rely on purchasing carbon offsets.

Laurie David of Stop Global Warming joins Abrams and others at the unveiling at 11 a.m. on April 22 and the outdoor exhibit stays up through July.

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