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The Acme Climate Action: Introducing The Unique Acme Climate Action Method book, by Provokateur, is more than just a book, its a climate change activist into kit for the budding climate change activist in all of us. The cover alone is just so engaging that you can't help but pick it up.

Acme Climate Action aims to bridge what they call the values/action gap, where most people claim (and probably do) to care about the environment, most don't really do much. This "book" puts the tools in your hand - from funny thought provoking post-cards to posters for your office, and stickers to remind yourself and your family to "turn this off" and "unplug that." This book would be great for a classroom, especially elementary and middle-school age children. The book is full of colors and images and just makes you want to pick up the book and read it. Or, as the authors suggest, completely deconstruct this book and turn it into a planet-saving launch-pad.

The book is based around their Climate Change manifesto - "Wake up; Get Busy; Rethink; decomplexify; Make.Life.Better.; Mouth Off; Feel Good; and Pass It On." For each of these categories, there are tips, statistics and related activities pointing you to the postcard,sticker, etc related attachments in the back of the book. They say that the book contains: "46 reasons to act, 8 hand-crafted manifesto commitments, and one single-minded purpose." Even if you go in only looking for one thing, the snappy comments and quick-witted advice will keep you engaged from cover to cover.

Everything in the book is made to be broken-down and ultimately recycled or composted. Everything came from recycled and eco-friendly materials, except for the widgets (which are fortunately recyclable) and the stickers, which are not recyclable but will hopefully live next to light switches throughout the lifespan of the switch.

The website includes a fun video showing step by step all of the fun things the book can be used for. For all that you get in the book, it is very reasonably priced at just £15. You can also find the book online at the Ethical Superstore and can also pre-order the book directly from Don't worry, you can tell them its for your niece or nephew, no one will ever know that its for you.

Next up for Provokateur - taking on the bottled water industry with a kit called Tap. 70% of the profits will go to water projects in the developing world.

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