AbilityTrek: Cycling for Landmine Amputees

abilitytrek.jpgLike cycling? (and what treehugger couldn’t?) Like helping folk doing it tougher than you? (ditto) Hey, have we got a match for you. Join up with endurance cyclist and amputee Daniel Sheret, as he attempts to ride around the world raising funds and awareness for landmine and bomb survivors. Clear Path is one of the organisations he will be supporting with his journey. They ship medical equipment, orthopedic devices and surgical supplies to hospitals in mine-affected countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia and along the Thai-Burma border. They say that "approximately every thirty minutes someone, somewhere in the world is injured or killed by an encounter with this deadly debris." [landmines and unexploded ordinance that is, not the supplies they send!] Pedalling off from the US this northern summer Dan figures he’ll need a little company as he cranks through 16,000 miles (25,750 km) and four continents, and is inviting both limbed and unlimbed riders to join him along the way. The US section will have five segments of roughly a week or twos duration. In raising assistance for amputees in need throughout the world, Dan also hopes to be the first such rider to twice cross the US continent. Find out more at ::AbilityTrek.

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