Abandoned Chairs Get an Artistic Home

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Images from abandonedchairsblogspot.com: Queen West

There is something so forlorn and sad about a chair abandoned on the roadside. Innocent and sometimes beautiful, it is hard to resist taking them home and giving them a reason to live again.

Some artists have been having the same problem. Moira Stevenson had filled up her Toronto front porch with rescued chairs until she had no more room. Her solution was photography: she photographs them before in their naked state. Then she turns the photos into art, giving the chairs the setting they deserve, and makes them into a print or postcard.

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Queen West
Stevenson has collected her chairs in Toronto: over 200 of them in the downtown residential areas. She has been seeking out London's rejects and photographing them, whilst working there.

She has also created animated shorts about junked chairs coming alive and getting their last wish. Called Chairity Case, she invents a charming story about lost chairs and makes an animated short about them fulfilling their dream, complete with music and animation.

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Images from conversations: Beverly Street

Matt Cahill, a Toronto photographer, had a similar feeling--and addiction--about chairs. When he noticed his first one he said: "It was just presenting itself to me, like you'd see a duck or something like that on the sidewalk. It was embued with so much charm." He thought about taking it home, but instead he took a photo on his cellphone and posted it. That was the beginning...

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Bathurst and Herrick Streets

Once he had photographed the first chair, he began noticing others. Then people started sending him their own photos, and texts about great ones they had seen. He calls his project "Conversations with Abandoned Chairs." Cahill describes it as "a collection of misplaced, unwanted, previously-loved, misfit chairs, as left on the curbsides of downtown Toronto residential neighbourhoods."

You can add your own favourite lost souls to his collection.

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