A Year of Living Generously


A Year of Living Generously started as an online experiment based on a hunch: that looking after this planet and its people is what we are all here for, and, that if many of us can make small changes in our everyday choices, then over time we can make a big difference for everyone. It's a very nice-sounding idea, if maybe a little chimeric, but it worked well enough that after a trial period (one year), the 100 people living "more generously" grew to the next prescribed level of 300; with a sizable wait-list, everyone was invited to join, and the community is now over 1000 and keeps on growing. So, what is living "more generously"? Turn off the tap while cleaning your teeth, compost, switched to an ethical bank, offset your travel, try to shop locally; some are easy (take a minute to sign up online as an organ donor), some are a bit of a hassle (switching to an ethical bank) and others might be impractical and are definitely a challenge (getting rid of your car). Through it all, take note with the virtual community; not only does the collaborative process reinforce and support generous behavior, but it's full of new ideas. Actions currently at the top of the list include bringing your own shopping bags, unplug your chargers when not in use, and using planet-friendly home cleaning products; all things we can all do (even without working too hard), all things that can really add up. Membership is free, and has spread throughout the UK. ::A Year of Living Generously via ::Hippypshopper

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