A Week of Hilarity + Hijinks From The Yes Men Delights The Blogosphere

A week of blogs about the Yes Men image

After rounding up posts on the beleaguered US Chamber of Commerce in last week's TH Blog Love, we couldn't have imagined what would happen next. The Chamber does a 180 on its climate policy? Seriously? For a moment there was an optimistic suspension of disbelief from many corners of the blogosphere and mainstream media. But that was replaced with a strange mixture of awe and hilarity when we discovered the Yes Men were back in the driving seat! But punking the Chamber is not all those crazy climate pranksters got up to this week - ever heard of a Survivaball?Ecorazzi: Watch: FOX Business Falls For Latest Yes Men Climate Change Stunt by Michael d'Estries
"Fresh from their brilliant NY Times hoax a few weeks back, the the activist-pranksters pulled of a stunt this morning that completely fooled several news organization; including as you'll see below, FOX Business."

Grist: Yes Men chase Sen. Arlen Specter in Survivaball suits by Jonathan Hiskes
"The climate-minded stuntmen showed up on Capitol Hill in Survivaball suits, with friends in tow, to hector Sen. Arlen Specter (PA), and the Senate in general. At the risk of taking the shameless truth-benders at face value, here's a bit of their announcement:"

Guardian: US Chamber of Commerce falls victim to 'fraud' over climate hoax by Suzanne Goldenberg
"It looked - at first - eerily like a routine news event. A man in a nondescript dark suit standing at a podium in one of the smaller meeting rooms on the 13th floor of the National Press Club. But then suddenly it wasn't."

Mother Jones: The Yes Men Punk the Chamber
by Kate Sheppard
"The Chamber of Commerce stunned DC on Monday by calling a last-minute press conference to announce a dramatic about-face in its climate policy--it would not only stop opposing the Kerry-Boxer climate bill but would work with them to make it better."

The Huffington Post: The Yes Men Hoax is Nothing Compared to the 20-Year Hoax by Fossil Fuel Companies by Kevin Grandia
"The PR stunt wasn't pulled off by the Yes Men," says author James Hoggan. "The PR stunt is being pulled off by the US Chamber of Commerce and its been going on for decades."

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