A Valentine Sticker Book for That Special Friend

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Photo: P.J. Munro

It's not for everyone, this present. Consider it for that slightly cynical, but oh so sophisticated and ironic friend... Or for yourself.

Remember how much fun stickers were? This is one for adults only--subversive, so don't show the children.


Photo: P.J. Munro

You Can Stick It, brought to you by the cynic who created the stickers for London's Boris bikes. P.K. Munroe has compiled a sticker book for grown ups with hundreds of hilarious, amusing and just plain silly stickers. They will enable you to hit back at the bossy, finger-wagging experts who think they are in charge. Challenge Authority.

Mostly they are juvenile, irresponsible and completely pointless, like a lot of urban life. It's the book for our times.


Photo: P.J. Munro

Publishers love to plaster book covers with boastful claims. Try putting one of these more realistic ones on the next book you give.

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Photo: P.J. Munro

Car bumper stickers for a 4X4.

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Photo: P.J. Munro

Wine stickers for that special bottle of plonk from the supermarket.

The author is elusive, with only a picture of a dandy or George Orwell with glasses on his blog and a reference to his mother "With thanks to Mrs. Munroe for her determined opposition to this book" on its front page. His other oeuvre is "The Pub Letters", an e-book of letters written to famous people to promote his bright ideas. Buy it soon, before it's banned.

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