A Turtle Gets Furniture-Slider Legs, A Pigeon is Faster than DSL, Dogs Do Yoga and More

boing boing on treehugger image

Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at Boing Boing. Enjoy!
Dogs Doing Yoga: Herm...just as Xeni states, we can't tell if these images are "creepy, adorable, stupid, awesome, or all of the above."

Pigeons are faster than DSL: Yes, it was actually tested out and found to be true. That's why we can't stop relying on nature for some things...

Furniture slider prosthetic legs for turtle: Well, if it's practical and works, why not? Sounds like a good reuse project for furniture sliders, and the turtle looks happy too!

Photos of an 1890s camping trip: How much has changed in the last 110-ish years?

A visit to a store called Mr. Stuff in Los Angeles: This groan-worthy store would yield a fiesta of Un-TreeHugger posts. Talk about a jackpot of plasti-crap.

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