A Spoof Video Fires Back at Chevron's Greenwashing


Photo: ArtBrom under a Creative Commons license.

If you've seen the commercials that make up Chevron's new "We Agree" campaign, you might well be infuriated. Despite its refusal to take responsibility for dumping 16.8 million gallons of crude oil into the Ecuadorian Amazon in 1992, Chevron has a new self-image of a benevolent oil company. It supports small businesses, invests in renewable energy, fights AIDS, and will "get real."

Fortunately, there are some standing up to Chevron's greenwashing, and looking to get a few laughs doing it. Check out the spoof of the "We Agree" commercials, from the non-profit graphic studio Smart Bubble Society and media group Trouble & Maker.

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And they're not the only ones taking Chevron to task. In May, some people dissatisfied with the company's official annual report, released an alternative report, detailing the environmental, health, and safety violations Chevron commits, as well as its record setting levels of lobbying. In October, the Yes Men published a document in Chevron's name saying the company would "clean up its messes." And while it would be great if the real Chevron would come out with something like that, for now we can content ourselves with a little embarrassment and a good laugh at its expense.

Video Credits:
Title: "Chevron is Lame"
Produced by Trouble and Maker
Associate producer Agi Gutowska
Directed and edited by Peter Brusik
D.P Bartosz Pawlowski
Production Assistant Karl Man
Compositing Jon Corbiere
Graphic Design Suzanna Brusikiewicz

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