A Right Royal Worry - Prince Charles speaks up about his environmental concerns.

Yesterday in an interview with the BBC, The Prince of Wales talked at length about his grave concerns for the future of our planet and the lack of attention people are paying to what he called "The greatest challenge to face man". He was being interviewed on his Gloucestershire farm and amongst other things he expressly promoted the importance of the small farm as means of preserving the British landscape and creating self sufficient communities, saying that growing and eating your own produce is an "important part of one's connection with the soil I think we would be foolish to expect that we can import everything from somewhere else and imagine that this is going to last forever, and ever and ever". He went on to discuss his dislike of large scale farming and his fear of "completely industrialising the landscape because it is efficient". The reactions to Prince Charles airing his views have tended towards the cynical, with the general gist of comments made on the BBC website saying how dare he go on about environmentalism when he drives around in a fleet of cars, spends a lot of time travelling by plane and runs large estates consuming huge amounts of energy. While these criticisms might be well founded, in terms of small farms and organic produce His Royal Highness cannot be faulted for not leading by example. His organic food, drink and luxury body care brand Duchy Originals is produced from his own Home Farm in Gloucestershire and was one of the first brands to push the market for organic food in Britain. It now makes £1million profit each year and is still growing. Furthermore all profits from Duchy Originals go towards The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation. ::full interview ::comments ::Duchy Originals ::Prince of Wales Foundation
[Leonora & Petz]