A Racket by Any Other Name...

Courtesy BoingBoing, we have here, Ladies and Gentlemen, in Circus Ring I, the loath-relieving option of a rechargeable electronic bug killer in the form of a tennis racket. Heaven forbid a yard-relaxing humanoid be required to actually slap an annoying bug with his/her hands. Frustration relieving: yes. A frivilous expense and needless consumption of materials: definitely. The product's existence proves the power of human fear and discomfort in driving the most egregious forms of wasteful comsumption. It's the kind of thing we see every day but write off to self-convincing rationales ..."I need my SUV because it snows sometimes, and I might get stuck one day"...which ought to be self debunking, but are not.

Specifically, could it be argued that the product reduces exposure to mosquito borne disease in a reliable way? For children for example? Not.

Speaking of kids, can you imagine the pranks they will come up with?

A BoingBoing.net update reports S&M; application. Eeuwww.

Mild redemption exists in the form of disarming sales 'Chin-glish' at the link.